The Toyota GT86 will still be alive! The second generation is on its way

There will be a second generation of the Toyota GT86

Toyota Australia has revealed that the second GT86 generation is already on its way. A piece of news that clears doubts about whether the new Supra was going to take out the small sports coupe from the Japanese brand's range.

Earlier this year, a Japanese publication affirmed that neither the Toyota GT86 nor the Subaru BRZ would have direct successors. The BRZ would supposedly be replaced by a more expensive version of the new Supra, while the GT86 would be eliminated. However, neither one or the other will disappear from the offer of both coffers.

Not only stays, it will also evolve

Now, the head of communication of Toyota Australia, Brodie Bott, has informed the Australian magazine GoAuto that the GT86 will not only continue to exist, but that will have a second generation . "When that news was broadcast, we had several internal meetings and I can tell you that this car [the second generation 86] is on its way. [...] I do not know where this information comes from, but at this stage we are not looking to discontinue it, it is a very important car for us and it will be the younger brother of the Supra. "

 Rear of the Toyota GT86

After these statements, Bott added that has already spread the second generation Toyota GT86 so internal and that is just around the corner. Not much is known about him and it is unknown if it will be developed with the help of Subaru. According to some reports, the new GT86 could receive a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that would likely maintain its atmospheric condition.

Now it's to see if the permanence of the GT86 cannibalizes the sales of the most basic Toyota Supra. Although this is something that should not be feared in the Spanish market , since only the version with a 340-hp six-cylinder engine will come here.

The movements of Toyota to become a sportier brand are not limited to GT86 and Supra. The president of the company, Akio Toyoda, has declared that they want to continue thrilling and therefore we will see more models GR

Images - Toyota Supra GT86 first generation TRC

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