The Subaru Legacy, which will not arrive in Spain, shows its weapons of war

Subaru Legacy frontolateral view

In Europe they are not going through their best, but in United States the saloons maintain their sales. Thus, it was logical that Subaru present the seventh generation of Legacy in the Chicago Auto Show . Thus, the largest model marketed by the Asian firm has been updated. For this, he has thought more than ever about satisfying the needs of this demanding public.

Thus, those responsible for Subaru , have decided to make several draft changes. The first and most obvious, though not in sight, is the platform change. Thanks to the Subaru Global Platform , it can offer greater torsional rigidity and a lower center of gravity. In addition, the new Subaru Legacy is ready to include future hybrid and even electric options. Last, but not least, there are the changes in design , quality, technology and mechanical range.

Exterior more elegant and interior to the last

 Subaru Legacy dashboard

The design of the new Subaru Legacy gives it a greater cache. In him, they emphasize the new optical groups with technology Full LED. The shape of the front grille reminds the one used in the Impreza, evolving its lines. All in all, it keeps the family air already known in the new XV . The lateral and the rear are more discreet, but not for that bland. Thus, we find some alloy wheels of new stamp and some optical groups stylized at the same time elegant.

If the exterior has an elegant and sober design, inside it is they give the hand technology and quality. In it, highlights above all the touch screen of the infotainment system. Contrary to the "normal", it is located in the vertical position and in the lower area integrates the controls for the climate control . We do not like this solution very much, but the trend is that and Subaru does not want to lose its way to its rivals. The mixture of quality materials, smooth lines and technology, makes the new Legacy rise several points.

New mechanical Boxer Turbo with 2.4 liters and 260 hp

 Subaru Legacy EyeSight

Under the hood, the news also arrives at the Subaru Legacy 2019. , we found a new gasoline engine turbocharged with four cylinders. As it could not be otherwise, it maintains the Boxer configuration of the brand as well as the Symmetrical AWD traction. This block, has 2.4 liters of displacement and develops a power of 260 HP and 375 Nm of maximum torque. Its management is entrusted to an automatic cutting transmission by CVT continuous variator.

The access option is provided by a four-cylinder Boxer and atmospheric suction. With 2.5 liters of displacement delivers a final power of 182 hp and is also linked to a CVT automatic transmission. Finally, we can not forget that it will have, as standard, with the advanced security system Subaru EyeSight that is giving such good results. For now there is no date for his arrival in the US, but what is certain is that in Spain we will not see it.