Jim's Cars Reviews



Malisa W.

I bought a honda cr-v from Jims cars and the process was very easy and fast some of the cars have high mileage but the prices reflect that great place to buy a car on a budget


Levi H.

Terrible customer service was looking at 1998 ford ranger for 4500 it's a purple need about 2500 dollars worth of work to even drive safety wont negotiate the price at all. Was terrible over the phone terrible service don't go here!


Emilee R.

Wish I could give them ZERO! Keep in mind we have three kids and only one vehicle, the vehicle we were sold was literally a rust bucket on the inside with upwards of 10 problems that weren't visible or apparent when we bought it. Sold us a car that works just enough to not be considered a lemon, but told us that it had no issues. Ended up putting THOUSANDS of dollars into it and it still has problems. I sent them an email about it and never received a response. We aren't car savvy so obviously he saw us coming. It took a professional about 2 minutes to tell us that he had completely ripped us off and there is no way they didn't know about what was going on when they sold it to us. Learned a lesson the hard way to pay and have a mechanic check a car out for you before purchasing it.