5 tricks to keep your car cheaper and your pocket notes

It has always been said that a car , just like a home, is not just buying it, you also have to keep it . It was the excuse that our parents used when we were teenagers and we begged them to help us with the purchase of a moped and, a short time later, with a first car. Reason they did not lack because they effectively entail a series of expenses that, if we add, add more hundreds of euros per year than we would like.

When we have a car , there is a series of fixed costs that we have to face and that we can not negotiate, such as traffic taxes, ITV or the fee for parking in a regulated parking area. However, there are many f regulations to save money throughout the year and that having a car is cheaper for us. Do not you believe it? Here are five tricks:

To buy bread, better walking than by car

The human being accommodates easily. So much so, that in places that do not have a chaotic traffic and too saturated (such as Madrid) it is easy to get used to taking the car for almost any displacement that involves walking more than 300 meters. Which is all a mistake.

Yes, everyday things like accompanying children to school or picking them up, in many cases, they end up doing it with the car even though it is relatively close. Necessary? No, like not going by car for bread and a couple of kilos of potatoes with the excuse that "it's that I'm loaded".

This type of short trips do not do any good to our pocket . In addition to spending fuel, we make the engine work cold without need (with the internal wear that implies) and force the battery to make an effort without time to recharge later. You know, for short trips, use your legs and do not look for excuses.

Drive smoothly, without stress and anticipating you

We mentioned fuel before, which is the most visible expense because we passed many times a year for the gas station (and we see its price). There are many ways to save fuel with our driving , and the best of them all is to look for smoothness in accelerations and anticipate what is going to happen, that is, to anticipate.

we tell you in this other article that it was about how to save fuel in town, we will try to practice a smooth driving, not over revving the engine, we will look far to anticipate a red light to stop accelerating before and thus save some fuel and , if it can be, avoid traffic jams.

Hire an insurance with the conditions you need and compare

The obligatory insurance The car is another one of those things that "takes away" several hundred euros a year. Actually, that we are all obliged to take out insurance, is something that benefits drivers and pedestrians because nobody is safe from an accident, whether it is more serious or practically anecdotal.For example, why on many occasions we carry everywhere in the trunk that we never use , like an umbrella, some beach chairs or something similar? It is extra weight which, although little, obviously affects the consumption.

It also has an impact on the expense of using inadequate tire pressure . Besides generating greater friction and, therefore, resistance in the advance, it translates into greater fuel consumption and degrades the tires in fewer kilometers . Not to mention security, of course. It costs nothing to invest 5 minutes of our time per month to check that they have the right pressure, right?

Correct maintenance will reduce the chances of failure

None of us like to take the car to the workshop, nor even when it is a periodic review and not a breakdown. We know that we have to open the wallet and go through the cash ... However, it is very important to take the car to the point , following the maintenance terms provided by the manufacturer.

reasons are clear. In addition to avoiding possible breakdowns due to oil or filters in poor condition, when checking all the vital components of the car it is also possible that mechanics detect some small anomaly simple and easy to repair that, over time, could cause a bigger and more expensive problem to fix. Of course, the safety of our car will also be much greater.

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